Being involved in martial arts for over 20 years I had tried and used many different brands and styles of Gi’s, some good some not so.

Training with a friend who had recently returned from Italy, and who was wearing a Gi I had never seen before, I was impressed by the style, look and feel. This was my first interaction with KO and after trying it on I fell in love.

When you wear your KO gi, you will notice the high standard for detail. Every KO gi is completely handcrafted by dedicated and passionate craftsmen. The eye for detail and quality is one of the highest values in the KO workshop based in Bari, Italy. To ensure this high quality standard, only the best materials such as the famous brushed Italian cotton are used to create an exclusive KO gi for the most demanding Karate-ka and Martial artist like you.

The workshop where these masterpieces are made was founded by Carmelo Malleo over 30 years ago. At that time he was a member of the Italian national karate team and as no other he knew exactly the demands that top athletes put on their gear. Over the years, with great insights and research a wide range of karate Gi’s have been developed, that now is appreciated by many practitioners, karate champions and the greatest martial arts experts.

All this Italian craftsmanship, materials, expertise and dedication make us proudly say that our exclusive Gi’s are all “ made in Italy “

And once you wear a KO Gi you will fall in love too.